Police dash-cam video shows man charging officer, swinging dog as a weapon

Dash-cam video released by police shows an officer being attacked by a man who uses his dog as a weapon. WARNING - THIS STORY CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIDEO AND IMAGES THAT MAY BE OFFENSIVE TO SOME USERS. VIEW AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION.


The incident happened in Park City, Kansas.

Authorities say 27-year-old Michael Rush charged a police officer after he was confronted on the street.

During the confrontation, police say the man swung his dog by its leash and struck the officer with the animal.

"Totally out of his head. He was yelling all kinds of language, most of the words you couldn't understand," said resident David Lehr who said he witnessed the incident.

"It's a bad feeling, you're out there by yourself you're being attacked by someone and you're, you've used all your means at your disposal to try and defend yourself," said Park City Police Department chief Phil Bostian.

Rush was arrested during the incident and faces possible charges of animal abuse and battery against an officer.

His pug-mix was later placed in a shelter where police say it is doing just fine.