Police: 2 sets of human remains found in Fairfax County park likely linked to gang activity

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Fairfax County Police say two sets of human remains found in a Lincolnia park were murder victims and the investigations will more than likely be linked to gang activity.

Investigators say the remains were located in Holmes Run Park late Thursday night in a wooded area near Crater Place and Yellowstone drive. The identities of the victims have not been released at this time.

Police had been searching Holmes Run Park since Tuesday after receiving a tip from the the department's gang unit. By Thursday they had announced they had found evidence of a crime in the park.

While investigators say it is more than likely that the deaths will be connected to gang activity, they could not say if the deaths were linked to a recent string of arrests made in Fairfax.

Holmes Run Park has been the scene of a previous search for remains several years ago. Back in May 2014, police and the FBI discovered two bodies inside this park. The victims were gang members who had been murdered and decapitated. Seven men were taken to trial and convicted in this case.

Below is a timeline of events in the string of recent incidents in the area, which police say are all connected:

December 10: Damaris Reyes Rivas went missing

January 12: Christian Sosa Rivas' body washes up on the banks of the Potomac River

January 14: A second teen, Lizzy Rivera Colindres, and her baby went missing

January 15: A third teen, Venus Iraheta, went missing

February 11: Damaris Reyes Rivas' remains were found in an industrial park in Springfield, Va.

February 11: Lizzy Rivera Colindras and her baby returned home. It was determined she left against her will

February 14: Venus Iraheta returned home. She was charged in connection to the death of Demaris Reyes Rivas.

Police have so far declined to say how detectives received the tips that ultimately lead them directly to the bodies in the park.