PAY IT FORWARD: Teacher spearheads Constitution club at DC middle school

Social studies teacher Erica Sansing spearheads the "We The People" Constitution competition club at D.C.'s Kelly Miller Middle School.

The club competes with schools around the District making arguments for, against, and about the supreme law of the United States.

It's not mandatory that students participate during their lunch period but Sansing's approach keeps them interested. "So that the kids have experience in real world problems," she said when asked why she does it. "I want them to be able to know what it's like to be in front of a panel, to argue their points, to be able to debate and come back with challenges. It's an important skill to have in life."

Her team will compete in a local competition later this month. The winner vies for the national title.

FOX 5 teamed up with Easterns Automotive Group to recognize Sansing's hard work. She was presented with a gift card to a spa and was given a subscription to a snack delivery service - since she works during lunch. Joel Bassam, of Easterns Automotive Group, wanted to also recognize the hard work of the student - so each was given a $200 gift card so they can look their best during the competition.

"I'm mind blown - it's amazing," Sansing said. She said her team won the local competition on Feb. 13 at the Hill Center and advanced to the finals! She will keep us posted regarding the results of the national competition!

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