Northern Virginia wants your input on how to solve traffic issues in the region

If you live in Northern Virginia and you're tired of sitting in congested traffic, you're not alone. And now, one of the biggest transportation authorities in the state says they want to hear your ideas on how to fix it.

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The Northern Virginia Transportation Authority says they can do something to fix the traffic and the quality of people's lives who have to put up with it.

From Wednesday until May 22, the NVTA has made available an online survey to get feedback on 26 transportation proposals in nine Northern Virginia jurisdictions and localities over the next six years.

All totaled, it's $1.2 billion in investments.

Northern Virginia commuters weren't shy about telling FOX 5 how much worse traffic in Northern Virginia is getting every year.

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"The closer in you get, the more developed it is," said one driver. "So if you widen the roads – put in new roads – you’re going to knock people out of their homes." 

"I like Metro better because public transportation is always like less cars on the road you know," another driver said.

FOX 5 also spoke with Monica Backmon of the NVTA and she says they're also looking at other ideas like rapid bus lanes and transit rail.

"If we don’t hear from you, we are going to start making these investments, and we want you to be happy with the investments made," she says. "We want you to save some of that critical time instead of sitting in traffic to do other things whether it’s a leisure stroll or going to a kid’s baseball game."


In addition to the online survey, the Northern Virginia Joint Transportation Meeting is going to hold an in-person interactive open house on the proposals on May 4 at their headquarters in Fairfax. More information can be found here.