New White's Ferry owner vows to work with Loudoun County farm owners to restore iconic crossing

New owners have come to terms on a purchase of White’s Ferry in Leesburg, Virginia, helping to protect an important Potomac River crossing with a long history.

The Ferry ceased operation in December 2020 and Chuck Kuhn, founder and CEO of JK Moving Services, and his wife Stacy Kuhn, will be working with Peter Brown, the majority owner of Rockland Farm, in an effort to get the ferry reopened to the nearly 800 daily users.

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"White’s Ferry represents a piece of our region’s past as an early commerce route that built and sustained local economies and remains so today. This fits with my family’s interest in conserving land and history as well as supporting business and the local communities. White’s Ferry has provided an important and scenic transportation alternative to the swelling demands on our local roads," explained Kuhn. "We look forward to working with nearby landowners and local jurisdictions to make this viable for the region."

Kuhn finalized the purchase terms on Feb. 11, which includes the ferry, the store and the Maryland shoreline that supports the ferry operation. Necessary repairs to the ferry and property are taking place immediately and replacement cables are on site to fix the ferry following December storm damage and are ready for install as soon as reasonable terms are negotiated with Peter Brown and Rockland Farm on the Virginia side.

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The goal is to purchase the Virginia land site or negotiate a permanent easement with Rockland Farm so that the ferry never ceases operating again. The ferry can be operational within seven days of being granted Virginia shore rights.

"The previous owners of White’s Ferry have done a remarkable job serving the community," commented Kuhn. "They have sold the ferry with the hopes that we would have a better chance of opening the ferry than he did. We look forward to bringing a fresh perspective to the ferry, enhancing the experience for riders and making a number of upgrades to the store."

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The Kuhns will begin working with the Coast Guard, Loudoun County, Montgomery County and the owner Rockland Farm to open the ferry. The Kuhns plan to make a number of upgrades to the ferry over the next few years, bringing more operational and environmental efficiencies to improve services and preserve a piece of history.