New details in case of slain DC man who went missing after arranging date online

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There are new details in the murder investigation of a 22-year-old D.C. man.

Marty McMillan went missing back on April 23 after heading out to meet a woman he found on the online dating site POF, also known as PlentyOfFish.

After his disappearance, police told his family last week that his remains were found on Oct. 30 along the side of Suitland Parkway in Prince George's County.

There have been no charges in the case, but according to a police report, investigators believe he was murdered inside an apartment in Southeast D.C.

FOX 5 was the first to tell McMillan's family about this piece of information and his grandmother told us that they have learned on their own that this apartment belongs to the woman from the dating site that McMillan was supposed to meet.

"It's a shame that the reporters got to inform us, the family, and we are not getting any of this information from the detectives," said Forlescia Cook, McMillan's grandmother. "My daughter originally gave them the evidence the week that Marty went missing."

While he was missing, McMillan's mother had sorted through his phone records and social media and tracked down the woman he was supposed to meet. In her last text, the woman mysteriously told him he better hurry up because her "people would be back soon."

The 22-year-old's mother went to the woman's apartment three times, but no one was ever home.

FOX 5 has learned that this is the same apartment along Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue in Southeast D.C. that a police report cites as the place investigators believe McMillan was shot multiple times and killed. Police records show guns and drugs have been recovered there.

McMillan's grandmother broke down Thursday night while explaining the frustrations of how slow information has been coming to her family from detectives.

"I know this won't bring him back," Ford said. "I have to live with this - to receive remains to bury him, to have a memorial, and we are still waiting on that because his remains haven't been released to us because of difficulty. This was our loved one. This was my grandson. This was my baby."