New app helps users report dangerous drivers in DC

Biking and even walking around D.C. can be treacherous at times, with some drivers periodically parking their cars in bike lanes or crosswalks.

"I've definitely zipped past a bunch of opening doors," said cyclist Grace McLaurin.

"Cars don't respect you," added Yeaty Kponou.

But the makers of a new app hope to turn things around.

"The goal isn't to tow a bunch of cars and give out citations. The goal is for this app to be a deterrent," explained Mark Sussman, co-founder of the How's My Driving app.

It helps users report dangerous D.C. drivers by taking a picture of an illegally parked car and entering the plate number and state. The app then shows the user how many outstanding citations are connected to the vehicle.

In time, the idea is to connect the app to relevant government agencies, like DC 311, to optimize enforcement and also provide data.

"If drivers know that anyone with a smartphone can pull it out and take a picture of them doing that illegal behavior, then we hope that they will think twice before doing it," Sussman said.

You can sign up here to join the beta test and give the How's My Driving app a try.