National Theatre launching campaign to archive nearly 200 years of history

The District has a number of landmark buildings - including the National Theatre.

It's been around since the early 1800s, and the theatre has historic artifacts that have never really been put on display until now.

The theatre just kicked off an ambitious plan to archive close to 200 years of history - currently hidden from public view inside an old dressing room.

Altogether, there are roughly 62,000 items, which the theatre wants to reorganize, move, and display.

They hope the public will help fund it and they're taking donations online.

"How do you think people are going to react when they find out that all of this stuff is sitting in this little room? Well I hope they become supportive and want to help us save these items because we think they're remarkable and we think they're precious and special and important," said National Theatre Director of Institutional Advancement Stacy Shaw.

There is no firm date on when the project will be completed but the hope is it's ready to go in about a year.