National Fried Chicken Day: Here are the top 10 fried chicken spots in the DC area

National Fried Chicken Day is celebrated on July 6, the dish traces back to the 17th century and many cultures around the world have added their own twist. Although the American Southern version of the dish is unquestionably the most iconic. In honor of National Fried Chicken Day, here are the top 10 ranked fried chicken spots in the D.C. area according to Yelp. 


Honeymoon Chicken is turning heads and taste buds with their Signature "Honeymoon Style" Hot Honey fried chicken. Honeymoon offers a wide range of items from some inventive sides like roasted cauliflower or a more traditional 8-piece combo served in a classic bucket. Located in D.C. and Maryland, Honeymoon is also serving up cocktails, spiked slushies, and brunch.


This D.C. restaurant is best known for their Korean style fried chicken wings. KoChix is serving up chicken wings with a balanced combination of Korean spices with a variety of sauces like sticky honey-soy.


Astro Doughnuts & Chicken is serving up their interpretation of two comfort foods, fried chicken and doughnuts in D.C. and Virginia. The restaurant offers a modern spin on classic recipes and flavors while featuring creative seasonal options. 


This fairly new D.C. restaurant is serving up tasty fried chicken and homemade hard seltzers with a side of shuffleboard and curated tunes. Little Chicken offers a variety of options from buckets of white or dark meat to a meatless chicken-fried oyster mushroom option. 


Best known for their colossal fried chicken sandwiches drenched in their signature honey butter and tasty flavors, Roaming Rooster got its start as a food truck and became a social media sensation that now has locations across the DMV. The restaurant offers four spice levels, a variety of sandwiches and wings, along with milkshakes.


Uncle C's Chicken & Waffles is serving up their spin on southern comfort foods with some hefty portions. The restaurant offers a variety of fried chicken sandwiches, breakfast options, tasty sides, and fried seafood as well. Uncle C's has a little something for everyone and with their fried chicken combos you can get a bang for your buck. 


This all day breakfast restaurant and bar offers a fried chicken biscuit slathered in butter that is turning heads. Ruthie's All-Day has seasonal menu options and their own take on southern style dishes. 


Henry's Soul Café better known as the "Home Of the Sweet Potato Pie" has been serving up southern cooking and sweet potato pie's since February 1968. This family owned DMV staple started as a small carryout in D.C. and has since opened another location in Oxon Hill, Maryland. The restaurant offers a number of menu items that are available on a daily basis "cooked to order."


This Northern Virginia based restaurant is serving up fried chicken with some bold flavors. Hot Lola's is best known for their Sichuan pepper spices and Nashville style hot chicken. 


Queen Mother's Chicken is serving fried chicken that is packed with flavor, featuring 13 different ingredients. The menu features a wide variety of items from a number of fried chicken sandwiches to southern sides like country potato salad. This is a Northern Virginia based restaurant that is set to open its first stand-alone restaurant at the newly reimagined National Landing Water park in Arlington, Va.


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