Murder charge dismissed in deadly stabbing case

The Harris County District Attorney's Office has dismissed its case against Che Calhoun in the stabbing death of 11-year-old Josue Flores. Police say that Che Calhoun was not the suspect in the death of Flores and that multiple witnesses have provided an alibi for Calhoun, who was in Pearland at the time of the murder and could not have committed it.

Investigators say that have confirmed the alibi which led to the dismissed murder charge against Calhoun.

"The murderer is still at large," said Houston Police Department Lt. Robert Blain during a news conference on Friday.

"He would have been arrested anyway because of other charges," said Houston Police Department acting chief Martha Montalvo regarding the initial arrest of Calhoun. "Officers did their due diligence."

"We want to catch the supsect, but it has to be the right suspect," explained Chief Montalvo. "We are putting additional resources out."

"He's a kid -- he's not going to get to grow up," said Valerie Jones as she stood by a makeshift memorial for Flores. "He didn't deserve this. He's going home. I believe it was a hate crime. Not out of racism, but out of a hatred heart."

By all accounts, the heart stopped on Fulton Street was a tender one. Longtime resident Carlos Garcia bore witness.

"One time my dog got loose, I seen him walking down and he took off his back pack you know, took out a little sandwich to give my dog. That's how sweet that kid was. It's just a tragedy, man. Little kid got killed for nothing," said Garcia.

It is virtue confirmed by a sister who will miss him dearly.

"He was about love and caring, being compassionate. So that's what I am trying to share with everybody now, that his death was not about nothing," said Guadalupe Flores.