Montgomery County officer who drove knee into head of handcuffed suspect charged

A Montgomery County police officer who was suspended after he was recorded driving his knee into the back of a handcuffed suspect's head is facing criminal charges.

The State's Attorney's office announced on Tuesday that they would charge Kevin Moris with one count of second-degree assault, and one count of misconduct in office.

Video recorded outside of a McDonald's location in Aspen Hill shows an officer identified as Moris, and several other officers, surrounding 19-year-old Arnaldo Pesoa of Silver Spring, who they were investigating for selling mushrooms. Pesoa is handcuffed and lying face-down in the video.

During the incident, Moris can be seen slamming his knee into the back of Pesoa's head, driving the teen's face into the concrete sidewalk.

According to court documents, an undercover officer had made contact with Pesoa over Snapchat and agreed to meet him for a drug deal.

The affidavit says Pesoa was looking to sell the hallucinogenic mushrooms for $120.

But when the officers met up with the teen, he reportedly resisted arrest, spitting saliva and blood on Moris' shoe and ankle.

Police have not indicated whether Moris' charges will impact the investigation into allegations against Pesoa.

Moris' first court date is set for Aug. 2.