Mom lip syncing to Kelly Clarkson's 'Since U Been Gone' at Maryland basketball game goes viral

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It was a hilarious moment between a mom and her son that was captured on the Fan Cam at Tuesday's University of Maryland basketball game. And now it's going viral!

Mandy Remmell had no idea that video of her lip syncing to Kelly Clarkson's Since U Been Gone while her son hid inside his sweatshirt would explode online.

As of Thursday morning, the video has received over 660,000 views on Twitter.

FOX 5's Bob Barnard visited mom and son Blake at their Halethorpe home to find out how they are dealing with their instant internet fame.

"They were scanning the crowd for people and I just started singing,"Mandy told Barnard. "There was a lady three rows in front of me and they had her on a little bit. I started singing myself."

Mandy said Blake first noticed them on the Fan Cam. "I just went for it. I was just like - since you've been gone!"

Mandy said the experience has been exciting and unbelievable. So has been seeing the reaction from none other than Kelly Clarkson herself who tweeted, "This is my kind of mama,"in response to the video.

"It's wonderful that Kelly Clarkson can relate to that, you know. her music is very powerful and she seems real when she's singing and I think a lot of parents can relate to her music,"she said. "It's an honor for her to tweet something like that."

Even Blake, who hid his face while his mom did her thing, is warming up to the attention. But don't ask him to sing along!