Metro Transit Police Chief requests US Attorney's office independent review of tasing incident

Metro Transit Police brass are asking prosecutors to "independently review the evidence" after a transit officer was recorded tasing an unarmed man on Saturday.

Metro Transit Police Tweeted on Tuesday that Chief Ron Pavlik has requested that the U.S. Attorney's office look into the U Street Metro Station incident, in which 29-year-old Tapiwa Musonza was tased and arrested.

On Monday, prosecutors indicated that Musonza won't be charged with a crime, and that he had been released from custody.

Metro police said on Sunday that Musonza provoked the officer by taking "an aggressive stance with a balled fist." They have not identified the officer.

Police say officers initially responded Saturday to a report of boys assaulting commuters with sticks on the station platform.

They also heard the boys were threatening to shoot Metro passengers with fireworks.

The complaining witness left the scene while officers detained two of the boys. Police found no fireworks, released the boys and pressed no charges.