Metro rail cars carrying dozens of passengers came apart Saturday, officials say

Metro says it is now conducting an investigation after rail cars carrying dozens of passengers came apart on Saturday morning.

The train was reportedly moving near the McLean Metro Station just before 11 a.m. WMATA officials say 70 passengers were on board the 6000 Series Silver Line Metro train when the fifth and sixth cars lost their connection.

But this wasn't just a latch, the two cars were "married" - which means they're not just connected with a hitch or joint. The cars were locked together with a drawbar.

A video sent in by FOX5 viewer Stephen Repestski shows the large break in the two cars. Repetski has been following this issue, among others with Metro.

"One side of the drawbar, which was connected by some sequence of bolts or something underneath the car, became undone or sheared off or whatever. [ATA hasn't] said yet," he said.

Repetski first reported on it for local news blog Greater Greater Washington.

Fortunately, no one was hurt. Metro says the train came to a full stop, and passengers were able to get off and walk to another train.

This is the first separation reported in the 6000 series train. There's been at least one reported "uncoupling" of a 7000 series train in late 2016, and one of a 3000 series train in early 2016.

Metro says it has inspected more than 200 railcars to make sure it doesn't happen again.