Metro operations back to normal after off-duty FBI agent shoots, kills suspected attacker at station

Metro operations are back to normal Thursday after an off-duty FBI special agent shot and killed a person inside a downtown Washington, D.C. station after investigators say he was attacked.

Officials say the shooting happened around 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at the Metro Center station along the Red Line platform where authorities say a man identified as 28-year-old Troy Bullock of Southeast, D.C. grabbed and began to assault the agent.

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 Troy Bullock, 28, of Southeast, D.C.

Investigators say that Bullock pushed the agent over a railing on the platform causing both of them to fall about eight feet to the ground bellow. The federal officer then shot Bullock who was later pronounced dead at the scene. The FBI agent, who was assigned to the Washington field office, was transported and remains hospitalized after suffering minor injuries.

While the situation unfolded, an operator of a passing train recognized the danger and kept moving past the station to keep passengers safe. In a tweet, Metro General Manager Randy Clarke said he appreciated the rail operator's response to the situation.

"Really grateful for the quick reaction & thoughtful attention by the rail operator tonight whose response during tonight's police-involved shooting at Metro Center kept customers from potential danger," Clarke tweeted. "Metro will be supporting D.C. police who is the lead investigator."

The attack and shooting left the station in chaos. Service was suspended at Metro Center and at nearby stations for hours and shuttle buses were called in to transport delayed passengers.

Investigators are reviewing surveillance video at this time.

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