Md. pastor living on roof of church to get community to vote in primary election

A Baltimore pastor is going to new heights to get people in his neighborhood to vote in next week's primary election in Maryland.

Elder Harris, co-founder of the Newborn Community of Faith Church, said he plans to live on the roof of his church until at least 500 people from his community votes.

Harris said he is hoping for a full turnout after only 257 people from his voting district casted a vote during the 2014 primary.

"Something bold had to be done to wake up our community," Harris said.

Elder believes it is his duty to take a stand for his community and make sure everyone takes advantage of their right as an American.

"It is a peaceful, non-violent way of protesting and so many people have sacrificed their lives to give us the opportunity to vote," said Harris.

Voters in Harris' Baltimore neighborhood are asked to stop by the church or tweet using #ivoted or #devoted500 to let him know they voted.

"What I'm doing is nothing in comparison to what our forefathers and mothers have done to give us this day of what I call celebration," said the pastor.

Maryland's primary election will be held on April 26.