Max Scherzer and his wife Erica cover adoption fees to help clear space for pets displaced by Harvey

Harvey has displaced many animals in Texas and several of them are being relocated around the country, including Washington D.C. The Humane Rescue Alliance is now urging people to adopt the more than 100 pets it currently has at its adoption centers so that the staff can clear out space for the incoming animals arriving from Houston.

"We have about 20 coming now, but we have been told that we should expect for that number to increase, especially cats, we expect a lot more cats," said Humane Rescue Alliance Chief Operating Officer Stephanie Shain. "So we are reminding people thinking about adopting to come on down."

For those who are considering bringing a pet home, Washington Nationals All-Star pitcher Max Scherzer and his wife, Erica, are offering to cover all of the adoption fees from Thursday through Sunday this week.

"Adoption fees range from $85 up to about $200 depending on the animal and the age of the animal," said Shain. "But Erica and Max have pledged because they know how important it is we get these kennels empty and they are going to cover those adoption fees."

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