Maryland's first lady shares she is living with multiple sclerosis

Maryland's First Lady Dawn Moore shared with FOX 5 for the first time that she has been living with multiple sclerosis. 

Moore says she was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease a decade ago.

"I was diagnosed with M.S. in my late twenties. And, you know, to get a diagnosis like that was quite devastating because it is one of those illnesses where you don't know what the future may hold," said Moore to FOX 5's Angie Goff. "I remember breaking down in tears because I just thought, that's it for me. But when I found this doctor and she gave me the confidence to understand that you're going to be okay." 

Moore says that now is the time for her to go public with her diagnosis. 

"If I can help somebody along the way, I want to be able to do that," said Moore. 

Watch the full interview below w/ Mrs. Moore: