Man involved in Virginia pursuit killed after shooting himself inside rideshare vehicle

Authorities say a person involved in a police pursuit was killed after shooting himself inside a rideshare vehicle in Arlington.

Virginia State Police say around 8 p.m. Wednesday a trooper initiated a traffic stop on northbound Interstate 95 in Fairfax County after a vehicle was spotted going 40 miles over the speed limit.

Troopers pursued the driver onto Interstate 395 but lost sight of the vehicle when they exited near Wilson Boulevard.

Just after 8 p.m., Arlington County Police spotted a person running from the vehicle and enter a rideshare near 10th Street N. and N. Edgewood Street.

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Police say as they were conducting a stop the person discharged a firearm and shot himself inside the rideshare vehicle.

The person, identified only as a man in his 20s, was taken to a nearby hospital and later pronounced dead.

Arlington County Police say they were not involved in the pursuit. 

The investigation is ongoing.