Man blames wife after TSA finds loaded gun packed in carry-on bag at Reagan National Airport

A Virginia man blamed his wife after Transportation Security Administration officers discovered a loaded gun in his carry-on bag as he passed through a checkpoint at Reagan National Airport.

The King George resident was carrying a .22 caliber pistol that was loaded with five bullets on Thursday, Sept. 21. The X-ray unit alerted TSA officers. Police confiscated the gun and cited the man on state charges.

Officials say the man blamed his wife and told them that she packed his carry-on bag and he did not know that the loaded gun was inside.

The man faces a maximum $15,000 fine.

"It is disappointing to continue to see travelers carrying their loaded guns to our security checkpoints," said John Busch, TSA’s Federal Security Director for the airport, said in a statement. "My advice is that when packing for a flight to start with a completely empty bag, and all travelers must pack their own bag, so that there are no surprises when someone gets to our checkpoint."

TSA says 28 firearms have been confiscated this year at Reagan National Airport.

Passengers are only permitted to travel with firearms in checked baggage. Details on how to properly travel with a firearm posted on its website.