Man arrested for throwing bonfire party during pandemic says he regrets it

Shawn Marshall Myers is out of jail after Charles County deputies say he threw a bonfire for more than 60 people last month at his Maryland home and he's telling FOX 5 he regrets hosting the gathering.

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Myers, a professional tattoo artist, says he didn't initially take COVID-19 seriously, but says after watching coverage in jail and learning about a friend who became infected, he understands the precautions taken by governors across the country.

On March 27, deputies arrested Myers after they say he hosted a bonfire party with more than 60 people attending at his Hughesville home.

Deputies say it was the second time they had to be dispatched to break up a large party at his home.

Myers disputes that number and says it was likely half that, but admits he broke Gov. Larry Hogan's executive order.


"I definitely regret the way I handled it. I wish I had been more informed and given the opportunity to do it over again, I wouldn't do it the same way," said Myers.

He bonded out in part because his lawyer argued he would be safer awaiting trial outside the jail because of coronavirus.

"Our primary concern right now should be keeping everybody healthy and I didn't take that into account," Myers said.

Myers faces trial in August for the charges of breaking the order.

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