Man allegedly too drunk for sobriety test

MILWAUKEE, Wis. - An alleged drunk driver, pulled over by police in Milwaukee over the weekend, was apparently too intoxicated to take a breathalyzer test.

According to officers, the man threw up in their police cruiser - and they have it all on camera.

Blaring sirens and flashing lights still weren't enough to get the attention of Michael Cox.

The 33-year-old suspect allegedly bypassed signs and entered a Milwaukee area highway going in the wrong direction.

Dash-cam video from the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office shows the suspect near the median.

He eventually stopped when a deputy used a spot light to signal him.

Deputies say cox was heavily impaired and too intoxicated to maintain consciousness for a breath test.

He vomited at the scene and again in the back of the deputy's squad who was taking him to the hospital.