LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT: Wife sets up Valentine's Day surprise at IHOP restaurant she first met husband

It was a very special Valentine's Day for a local woman who surprised her husband on their 26th wedding anniversary.

Rhonda Stewart said it was "love at first sight" when she met her husband Andrew at an IHOP restaurant in Temple Hills back on July 4, 1990. To mark their memorable first encounter, Rhonda reached out to the restaurant to with her surprise by decorating the exact table where they first sat.

On the day of the big surprise, Rhonda blindfolded Andrew and drove him to the restaurant. FOX 5's Gary McGrady and their server, Rose, came out with their pancakes and got to know the lovely couple.

Andrew told us when he first saw Rhonda, he thought, 'Wow, she's very pretty."

"I was actually on Suitland Parkway and I pulled up beside her and she looked out the window and she gave me this look like - who is this guy?" he recalled. "I told her to roll down her window and I said, 'Do you want to meet at IHOP?' And she said she was meeting some friends. So when we got here, I was in line and she had met her friends here."

Four months later, Rhonda and Andrew got engaged. Then on Feb. 14, 1991, they tied the knot.

But the surprise wasn't over yet. Their server Rose then serenaded them with a lovely song to commemorate their wedding anniversary. (Watch the whole surprise at the video above!)