Little girl honored as a hero after her 911 call saves dad's life

A 7-year-old Silver Spring girl, who recently called 911, met the dispatcher who assisted the call that helped save her father's life.

Jenna Viloria made the right call and got help to her home quickly when her father suffered a diabetic shock. She called 911 and did an extraordinary job of staying calm, giving her address and explaining what was happening.

"My mom calls a lot for a lot of emergencies and she has been calling 911 for a lot of times, but not anymore because my dad is doing a great job being healthy," Jenna explained.

Her mother had taught Jenna when she was 3 about calling 911 in emergencies. Jenna remembered her mother's lessons and talked with a dispatcher to get help for her father.

After giving the dispatcher her address, paramedics arrived. They gave her father a glucose shot and revived him.

Her family was able to hear the 911 audio tape for the first time on Wednesday and tour the MCFRS dispatch and communication area.

When we asked her what she wanted after this good deed that she did, she explained that all she wants is to go visit the White House.

If needed, can you make the right call? When calling 911 know what to expect.

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