Kevin McCarthy's top 5 must-watch horror films this Halloween

If you're quarantining at home this Halloween and want a scary movie to watch while cuddled up on the couch with your favorite candy, FOX 5's Kevin McCarthy has you covered.

Here are his top five recommendations:

5. "The Mist"

Adapted from a Stephen King novel, "The Mist" follows the story of a town in Maine where a strange fog develops after a thunderstorm. Community members become trapped in a supermarket together and slowly begin to learn about the dangerous creatures that exist within the mist. At its core, the movie explores how different people react to life-threatening situations and what they're willing to sacrifice to save others.

4.  "The Evil Dead" and "Evil Dead 2"

The first two films in the trilogy, "The Evil Dead" and "Evil Dead 2" are based on the idea of the dead coming back to life. In the first movie, a group of friends goes into the woods for a vacation, only to be faced with the task of battling demons or else risking becoming part of the evil dead. In the second film, the main character, Ash Williams, once again returns to the woods, and once again faces a similar battle, but realizes this time, there may be no escape.

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3. "Doctor Sleep"

In this 2019 film, a man, Dan Torrance, struggling with traumatic events that took place when he was a child meets a teenager who has a supernatural gift. The two of them form a cult wherein the main goal is to feed off innocent people in order to become immortal. This movie is also based on a Stephen King novel and is a sequel to King's classic success "The Shining."

2. "The Descent"

Based in North Carolina, "The Descent" follows the story of a woman, Sarah, whose husband and daughter are killed in a car crash. Sarah decides to spend some time exploring underground caves with a few friends. Once they begin their adventure, they realize they are not alone, and the predators among them have a taste for human flesh.

1. "Sinister"

This film focuses on a true-crime writer, Ellison Oswalt, who vows to solve the mystery of the death of a family by moving his own family into the victims' home. While attempting to find out where a missing woman is, Oswalt discovers footage of the murders of several families. After talking with local authorities and diving deeper into the mystery, Oswalt realizes how much danger he and his family are truly in.

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