Humane Rescue Alliance responding to increase in animal welfare calls because of cold

The Humane Rescue Alliance says it is prepared to respond to calls for animals left out in the cold as temperatures dip into the teens.

The non-profit is tasked with enforcing the District's animal cruelty laws and says when temperatures drop they tend to get many calls from concerned neighbors about pets outside.

Humane Rescue Alliance says according to the law, dogs specifically are required to have adequate shelter. In the cold that means a structure that is large enough, but not too large, insulated and elevated off the ground.

Despite that requirement, it is preferred tha dogs and cats be brought inside in extreme temperatures.

Officer T. Ingle says he and his colleagues try to educate people first, but repeated calls can lead to animals being confiscated and other enforcement action.

Anyone who wants to report a concern about a pet possibly being neglected should call the Humane Rescue Alliance at (202) 723-5730.