How will President Trump's health care executive order impact families?

With no action from the Republican-controlled Congress, President Donald Trump made two sweeping decisions this week that effectively changed the course of his predecessor's signature achievement, the Affordable Care Act.

On Thursday, Trump signed an executive order that paves the way for insurers to offer lower-cost, less-comprehensive health insurance plans and allows businesses to band together to buy into so-called "association health plans" in a larger block.

Later that day, the president also followed through with a vow to cut off subsidies paid to health insurers that aimed to drop costs for lower-income Americans.

Some believe the move amounts to an end-run repeal of the ACA, or Obamacare. Others say it's already collapsing.

On FOX 5's "5@6:30," Jim Lokay and Sarah Simmons spoke with Dr. Roger Klein, an attorney and physician from the Federalist Society, who believes the president's moves were the right thing to do.

You can watch Klein's interview in the video player above.