Gas shortages still causing problems for residents in parts of DC region Monday

Gas shortages are still causing problems for residents in parts of the D.C. region Monday.

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Gas prices in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia rose last week as panic created fuel shortages at gas stations after hackers struck the largest fuel pipeline in the United States. The Colonial Pipeline was shut down for days to contain the damage.

AAA Mid-Atlantic reported a national average of $3.04 Monday morning. AAA reported average prices in D.C at $3.14, in Maryland at $3.06 and in Virginia at $2.94.

According to a breakdown online by -- as of Sunday night -- 80 percent of gas stations in D.C., 35 percent of gas stations in Virginia and 34 percent of gas stations in Maryland are currently experiencing fuel outages.

In addition, a nationwide shortage of truck drivers could add to the increase in the price of gas across the U.S. as we move closer to summer.

The trucking industry attributes some of the shortage to the amount of time it takes to obtain a commercial driver's license, according to FOX Business. This ongoing license issue was made worse by the coronavirus pandemic as it prolonged the delays, with some licenses taking up to six months to acquire.