Fredericksburg woman’s co-worker planted cameras in her bathrooms, police say

A Fredericksburg man is facing a number of charges after he allegedly planted cameras in a woman’s bathrooms, according to police.

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Investigators say they two men had access to the victim’s house – a co-worker who was given a key to pick up her packages while she was away, and a maintenance worker.

Fredericksburg Police began investigating when the victim’s father contacted them on Jan. 31.

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He told them the victim found one device in her guest bedroom, and another in her master bathroom.

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They quickly narrowed it down to the co-worker, and charged 27-year-old Jamshaid Chaudry of Spotsylvania County with:

- Peeping into an occupied dwelling

- Interfering with property rights of another (two charges)

- Attempt to commit a misdemeanor

All of the charges are misdemeanors.