Frederick tanker explosion: Residents question US-15 safety after deadly crash

Residents in a Frederick neighborhood where a tanker truck crashed and exploded on Saturday are raising questions about roadway safety along that strip of US-15.

According to Frederick County Fire officials, the crash was reported around 12:00 p.m. on US-15 at Rosemont Avenue near Apple Avenue in Frederick. Officials confirmed that a tanker truck, believed to have been carrying gasoline or diesel fuel, crashed into a tree in the area and exploded, causing a large fire and plume of smoke.

Police later confirmed that the driver of the tanker died as a result of the incident. The explosion and flames also destroyed a home and damaged several other houses and cars in the area.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, FOX 5 spoke with residents of that neighborhood on Apple Avenue to get their reactions.

Three neighbors confirmed to FOX 5 that they have had concerns over safety along US-15, since there is no guard rail separating the neighborhood from the roadway. Currently, a strip of trees lines the area, but residents say they do not offer much protection from incidents like the tanker explosion.

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FOX 5 spoke with Bradd Hammond, who lives directly next door to the house that was destroyed by the flames, about the lack of protection.

"The shrubbery is ridiculous it’s useless pretty much, we should have a guard rail, we should have a wall, preferably," says Hammond, "And, uh, the trees are wonderful, but they really are just sound absorption, that’s about it."

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In a press conference about the tragedy on Saturday, the Mayor of Frederick Michael O'Connor that a barrier wall between the road and these homes isn’t in immediate plans, but a possible expansion of the travel lanes with larger barriers being added beyond the trees is in discussion.

The cause of the crash still remains under investigation, and authorities have not identified the driver who was killed.