FOX 5's Jeannette Reyes appears on "Jennifer Hudson Show" to talk viral baby TikToks

After going viral for her hilarious "Baby News Network" TikToks. FOX 5's Jeannette Reyes was a guest on the "Jennifer Hudson Show" to talk all about social media, motherhood and more!

Jeannette - also known as @msnewslady on TikTok - and her husband Robert Burton break out their "news anchor voices" to wake up their newborn daughter, Bella.

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The couple joined Jennifer Hudson on her new talk show to share what life has been like being new parents and how it feels to go viral, something Jeannette is no stranger to.

She first went viral by posting her "News Anchor Voice" content in which she carried on conversations with friends and family using the same tone and inflection when speaking that she would on air.

The TikTok trend was so popular, it was even picked up by Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show, who said she'd love to do a segment with Jeannette in the future.

Since then, Jeannette has gone viral many more times for bits such as using her "Anchor Voice" to trick phone scammers and showing off her heatless curls routine.

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Watch a clip of Jeannette and Robert on the "Jennifer Hudson Show" here: