Former LCPS Superintendent requests all three misdemeanor indictments be dropped

The Defense Attorney for the former Loudoun County superintendent Dr. Scott Ziegler filed a motion requesting all three of his misdemeanor indictments be dismissed.

According to the defense motion, Dr. Scott Ziegler's attorney is arguing the special grand jury was improperly influenced by the Virginia Attorney General's office so the only remedy to fix this is to drop her client's charges. 

The entire court filing is 18 pages long and lists multiple questions and responses between witnesses and the Virginia Attorney General's prosecutors. The motion even says "Prosecutors supplied answers to witnesses when they did not know the answer."

Essentially, Dr. Scott Ziegler's attorney believes the proceedings were pervasive.

"Offered their personal opinions of what occurred in the matters under investigation and withheld important evidence that would have influenced the grand jury's opinions," say the motion. 


Former LCPS Superintendent Scott Ziegler trial delayed

Former Loudoun County Public Schools superintendent Scott Ziegler will have two, two-day trials for the three misdemeanor charges he's facing following an investigation into how LCPS handled sexual assaults at two schools in 2021.

Dr. Scott Ziegler is being indicted for one count of false publication relating to comments made during a June 2021 School Board Meeting.

In two other misdemeanor counts, it is alleged that he penalized an employee who testified before the grand jury. The Virginia Attorney General's office is set to file a motion in response. A hearing for this motion is set for Thursday, Sept. 21.

Read the motion to dismiss the indictments below: