Forestville High School subject of internal investigation after teacher arrested

Students were back at Forestville High School on Friday after word that a teacher was arrested last week for having sexual contact with a 17-year-old girl, and after the principal of the school was placed on administrative leave.

Prince George's County schools say there is not much they can say about this case because it is now the subject of an internal investigation.

A spokesperson tells us the school system does not tolerate any behavior that brings harm to a student. Several former students and parents of current students are telling FOX 5 that there have been rumors about this teacher and his alleged inappropriate conduct with female students.

Prince George's County Schools say Vincent McDuffie, 45, had been a teacher in the county for about 17 years. People who say they are former students have reached out to FOX 5.

One told us, "As a former student of Forestville I graduated in 08. He was one of my teachers. I'm glad that creep got caught. I remember him inviting female students to his class to eat their lunch. So I used to sneak out of lunch to head to his class to get a head start on class work and every time I would enter his class all the lights would be off and the female students and him would be sitting way to close together."

Last Thursday McDuffie was arrested and charged with sex abuse of a minor. Some people are saying he had sexual contact with a 17-year-old girl several times in March and April on school grounds.

Deante Johnson, a Former Forestville High School student told FOX 5 that he heard the man had sex with young girls, gave them A's, let them pass the class and Johnson says he never expected any of it was true until now.

"He is a predator, I hate to say it but he is a predator, a 17-year-old and he is 40-years-old or something, I am 40 something and I couldn't image messing with a 17-year-old, that's crazy," said Terry, a parent.

Several people have reached out to FOX 5 to share stories about McDuffie, the school says that their security team would like to hear from those people as well. They say that there is an internal investigation and they would like to hear from anyone who knows anything or whoever saw anything involving inappropriate conduct and the teacher.

McDuffie is expected in court later this month.