Fauquier County parents upset after lack of charges in gaming app death threat investigation

Some parents are expressing their outrage because no criminal charges were filed after school administrators recently discovered alleged death threats made against a Fauquier County student within a gaming app.

A week ago, authorities said six Liberty High School students on the gaming app called Discord threatened to kill another student and went into disturbing details on how they would do it under the chatroom name "operation-will-to-kill."

Some of the comments made during the chat included: "can we just kill him already," "espionage was always part of the plan, lynching him was just the end game," and "edgy idea - we wear masks and then right before he dies we take them off."

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The Fauquier County Sheriff's Office said a few days later that no criminal charges would be filed against these students because "there is insufficient evidence to prove any of the elements of a crime under the Code of Virginia."

About 100 parents and students attended a town hall meeting on Monday night at Liberty High School and are questioning why these students accused of making the threats are not being criminally charged.

"This is my community. Those are my kids," said one parent. "This is not okay with me. It shouldn't be okay with anyone, especially our lawmakers."

She added, "We need to send a message and these children need to be arrested. This was a threat. This is a conspiracy to commit a felony, and anything less than arrest of these children is a gross injustice."

The Fauquier County Sheriff's Office said they also share the community's frustration, and if a crime is committed, the department would make an arrest and hold the people accountable. However, in this case, there was no crime committed, according to Virginia law.

Parents at this meeting said this is not the first case of cyberbullying or bullying in general that they have seen at Liberty. However, they said they are taking action and writing letters to their state and congressional leaders so that the law would reflect and help prevent these types of threats.

The sheriff's office said they support and encourage the community to speak out and advocate for this change.