Family who owns recently shut down Charles County BBQ spot, runs second restaurant in La Plata

A Charles County restaurant was recently shut down after a video emerged online revealing its filthy kitchen conditions. Now, FOX 5 has learned that the family who owns George's BBQ in Indian Head also runs at least one more establishment in the county.

Last week, Anthony Byrd Sr., shared the video on his Facebook page after he got into a dispute with George's BBQ's owner. He says the restaurant needed to close.

"People eat here, you know, on a daily basis. A lot of times there would be cars lines up all out here, even on the shoulder. They have the best ribs in town really. Well had. But you know, it's unfortunate," Byrd told FOX 5 Thursday.

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Barry O'Leary is a frequent patron at George's. He too is familiar with its conditions.

"Me and my girlfriend went a couple years ago and saw how disgusting it was and we actually just walked out. The place wasn't kept clean, you know, grease on the counters, bathrooms were disgusting at the time. It just didn't seem right. I can't eat that way," said O'Leary.

FOX 5 has now learned that George's BBQ is also affiliated with Spoon's Korean and American BBQ in La Plata.

On Friday, we spoke to people eating at the restaurant and they said the food is good.

"I'm here every day. Really truly, I come here all the time. It's great," said Robbie.

FOX 5 tried to reach out the Charles County Health Department again Friday to ask them why it took so long for them to inspect George's BBQ. We are still waiting on a response.