Fake $100 bills circulating in Northern Virginia officials say

Fake $100 bills are making their way around Northern Virginia, according to authorities.

The Stafford County Sheriff's Office said they've noticed an uptick and fake $100 bills and $20 bills circulating in the area.

While two people have been arrested in recent counterfeit bill cases, investigators said the cases are unrelated and they have no idea how many fake bills are in circulation in the area.

The sheriff's office said they know counterfeit money was used at a Dollar Tree in Stafford on Feb. 10.

The store manager was not authorized to speak on camera about the incident but here's what happened.

Investigators said fake money can look real but offered tips for how to catch those fake bills. First, they said to check for differences in the wording on bills. Most notably, the back of a fake bill may be missing the "In God We Trust" slogan or simply say "One Hundred" instead of "One Hundred Dollars."

Other details that may be different include the watermark, coloring and texture.

Possessing 10 or more fake bills is a felony in Virginia and less than 10 is a misdemeanor. Police want to ensure people to not be afraid to come forward if they've encountered a counterfeit. People encountering fake currency can turn it over to the police.