Fairfax County substitute teacher shortage continues despite government shutdown job fairs

A substitute teacher shortage continues in Northern Virginia despite several job fairs during the record-long government shutdown to lure federal workers on furlough.

Fairfax County Public Schools held three job fairs but FOX 5 has learned all the federal workers hired for the substitute teaching positions returned to their government jobs once the shutdown was over.

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In all, officials said 525 federal workers on furlough came to the job fairs, 350 completed the application process, 254 were cleared to start and more than 219 substitute teaching jobs were completed but again 100 percent returned to their federal jobs.

District officials said they're not alone in the need for substitute teachers as the void reportedly exists nationwide.

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The district also said while all federal workers brought on to substitute returned to their government jobs, they still remain part of a substitute teaching pool and can return to the classroom at their leisure, including on their days off.

In the meantime, the district is going back to the drawing board to determine ways to attract and keep top talent in the classrooms.

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