Fairfax County playground double shooting may be gang-related, police say

FAIRFAX COUNTY, Va. (FOX 5 DC) -- Two teenagers are recovering from gunshot wounds to their legs after someone opened fire into a Fairfax Count playground.

Police responded to Fordson Court in the Hybla Valley section of the county Monday night.

No arrests have been made - but investigators believe the attack may have been gang-related.

"I'm just glad that it didn't happen two hours earlier because me and mom would have been in the car and there were three bullets holes in the driver's side and I would have been in the driver's seat," said James Smith, who lives in the area.

Smith says investigators spent a considerable amount of time recovering projectiles from inside the car, as well as digging for others in the playground.

Smith says he counted 18 evidence markers covering the shell casings at the scene.

Gunfire swept through the playground just after 11 a.m. and police confirmed they were initially confused whether the first victims were injured by an exploding firework. They say it took a few minutes before the second victim was found and gunfire could be confirmed.

From the evidence at the scene, it appears the gunman was aiming at someone sitting or standing near the playground equipment.

Although police say the attack may be gang-related, they have not explained why.

There were no lookouts for the gunman, and it's unclear if he came on foot or by car.