Fairfax County husky and babies go viral on TikTok

Quarantining is bringing out peoples’ creativity all around the world on TikTok.

For one Fairfax County, Virginia, woman, adorable videos of her dog and babies have now turned into millions of views.

The video above is the first TikTok Alexandra Humbeck who lives in Vienna, Virginia, posted back in April 2020 of her dog named Pizza while being bored in the house. She is thankful for that time of isolation because it made her husky a viral sensation.

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"You’re stuck inside. You have a limited capacity as to what you can do so you’re forced to do other things and I always loved videoing Pizza. I think his personality is so special," said Humbeck.

If you’re wondering how Pizza got his name, Humbeck said it is because she LOVES pizza! She got him when he was just three months old and now he is three years old.

Pizza had skin cancer at just one year old and was recently diagnosed with epilepsy. Luckily, he has been cancer-free the past two years and seizure-free the past six months. Through it all, Pizza maintains a positive and energetic attitude.

The TikTok page @pizzathehusky has over 7 million views on the popular social media app. Humbeck never imagined gaining nearly 400,000 followers.

"Pizza’s had his own Instagram for 3 years already and we’d be lucky if we got 100 likes so now to see 18 million views on one single video is pretty amazing," said Humbeck. "We pretty much have people showing love from every continent."

The account also features Humbeck’s twin baby boys who were born in November. So precious!

Humbeck’s favorite video is when her dog first meets his new brothers after they spent 55 days in the neonatal intensive care unit. Ever since, Pizza has not left their side and protects them every step of the way.

"He’s always right next to them, always watching over them – always," said Humbeck.

She plans to continue to post her dog and babies every few days.

When FOX 5 asked how others can go viral on social media, Humbeck said she doesn’t really know!

"I guess people love dogs and they love babies so if you got the two of those you’re pretty much ahead of the game," said Humbeck.