District residents demand stricter enforcement after video of driver speeding over 100mph goes viral

Many people in the District are heated and sounding off about the need for tighter enforcement when it comes to reckless driving and speeding around the city.

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The call for action comes just a few days after a driver recorded their vehicle speeding on to a busy on-ramp for 395/695 before the video was publicly posted on Instagram and shared by other social media users on Twitter and Reddit.

In the video, the engine can be heard being accelerated as the speedometer hits 101 miles per hour.

FOX 5 photographer Ed Coker drove that same route Wednesday while using a GoPro, only to notice a silver colored sedan zoom right past him as the driver is seen speeding.

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Some viewers told FOX 5’s Ayesha Khan that people are not only constantly speeding through the city, but they are running stop signs and stoplights as well.

"If I’m not dodging bullets, I’m dodging cars," said Ameen Beale, a resident of Ward 8 Southeast.

"I want the city to implement all of their ‘Vision Zero’ efforts and improve upon them and take the safety of our roadways seriously," he said.

Beale said the concern is personal after a driver hit him and his pregnant wife head on in the 395 tunnel going the wrong way, last year.

"We need robust enforcement out here and let’s change the tone of our roadways," said Beale, "I want them to coordinate their efforts and make traffic safety a priority."

Monday, the District Department of Transportation activated a new camera at the Interstate-695 off ramp at Northbound 11th Street, Southeast.

But many people, including those who have been chatting on social media, say cameras aren’t enough to do the job of implementing strict enforcement.

"We shouldn’t rely on automated enforcement alone because people need to see visibility out on the streets," said Beale.

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"The agencies need to get out and enforce the rules of the road and don’t just sit back and let the inanimate object take over."

As far as the video is concerned, the office of Councilwoman Mary Cheh and Everett Lott, the acting director for DDOT, told Khan that they have seen the video and that it has been sent to the Metropolitan Police Department to investigate.

"What I saw today was unacceptable," said Lott.

"It should not happen on any of our roadways in Washington, D.C and we are going to do everything we can to engineer our roadways in such a way to really reduce speed volume and the way people can travel along our roadways."

Lott said the department’s Summer Safety campaign is currently under way including deploying more speed cameras and improving roadways in such a way that people will slow down.