Disabled dog in wheelchair will melt your heart (VIDEO)

A floppy-eared wiener dog in a decked out wheelchair is showing the world her disability has nothing on her speed-- and it's too cute!

Molly is a 9-year-old joyful little dachshund who has a need for speed! She was paralyzed from her waist down in 2015 and while she may not have use of her hind legs, that hasn't stopped the wiener from bolting in her wheelchair-- which is complete with a pink pinwheel!

But did we mention the little darling also loves to ski?! It's true! Her humans found a way for her to take on the slopes with attachable mini skis that lock onto Molly's wheelchair and it is sheer genius.

And you better believe when she's cruising sidewalks people will stop the pup-ular pooch for a pic or two. Umm, so would we!

And when she's not racing or taking selfies, she enjoys cuddle time with her sibling. She's living her best life and we're loving it!