Dentist's license revoked over sexual conduct with a patient

A dentist has had his license revoked by the Office of the Attorney General due to inappropriate sexual conduct with a patient and practicing "pseudo-dentistry," according to an announcement Friday. 

The District of Columbia Board of Dentistry revoked the license of dentist Mark McClure, Attorney General Brian L. Schwalb announced Friday. 

The OAG says McClure had sexual contact with a patient and then teamed up with another doctor to "threaten and bully her out of reporting the matter." McClure also prescribed highly addictive medication to another patient and then cut her off which led to medical complications, including a seizure and in-patient treatment. 

"McClure demonstrated an abject disregard for his patients’ health, safety, and dignity. There is no place in the District of Columbia for reckless, deceptive, and predatory dental or medical practitioners, and the Office of Attorney General will continue to ensure that those who break the law are held accountable," said Schwalb in a statement. 

The Board of Dentistry said that McClure "knew exactly what he was doing at all times…his every action was a calculated and deliberate attempt to circumvent the law, the standards of professional dental practice, and his consent order agreement, and to thwart the Board’s efforts to regulate his practice of dentistry in the District of Columbia."

The OAG also said McClure treated patients using "pseudoscientific medical procedures outside the practice of dentistry," and then hid the records to cover up his behavior. 

McClure has been barred from re-applying to practice dentistry in D.C. for at least five years. 

Read the full order below.