Demonstrators zip tie themselves to scaffolding in Capitol Rotunda

On Friday morning, the U.S. Capitol Police detained 12 demonstrators in the Capitol Rotunda who had zip-tied themselves to scaffolding.

This is part of the Democracy Spring movement, where Capitol police have arrested hundreds of protesters all week at the Capitol demonstrating against money in politics and for greater voting rights.

Friday marked Democracy Spring's youth and student day in Washington D.C. Each day this week has focused on different issues important to the group. Democracy Spring's main focus though is removing money's effect and influence and "corruption" on politics.

At Friday's rally, actress and singer Rosario Dawson spoke to protesters.

"By being here and by perpetually being here you're making yourselves known. And I want to thank you so much for bringing attention to this. We need to get the money out of politics," Dawson said.

Even though Dawson spoke about media attention, she would not take questions from the press.

According to the group, nearly 800 Democracy Spring supporters were arrested for civil disobedience during the first four days this week and the arrests continued Friday after the group marched around the Capitol and organized a sit-in, with Capitol police surrounding the protesters as they waited for arrest. The group has been and continues to be a peaceful, non-partisan movement.

Capitol police said another 130 people were arrested on the Capitol's East Front on Friday.