DC’s H Street businesses concerned with rise in crime

As D.C. leaders work to find a solution to combat the spike in crime, some businesses in one popular corridor in the city are questioning their safety.

FOX 5's Nana-Sentuo Bonsu says after a number of robberies, car break-ins, and property damage within the last several months along a section of H Street, one business owner says enough is enough.

Evelyn Bastian wants to continue to make H Street home to her family business Fresca Taqueria, but the crime is getting out of hand.

According to recent crime data from the Metropolitan Police Department, all crimes within a half a mile radius of Bastian's restaurant are up compared to this time last year. There have also been a total of over 660 reported incidents, including three homicides and 97 robberies.

Two weeks ago, Bastian became a victim to a robbery right outside her restaurant on the corner of 7th and H Street. She says carjackings and break-ins are also very common in this area.

"It affects us because if you are eating here, and your car is getting stolen, maybe you don't want to come back to the same place you go your car stolen from," Bastian said.

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DC’s H Street businesses concerned with rise in crime

Bonsu says a number of businesses now have private security due to the increase in crime.

People who live in the area tell us off camera that the crime is "unnerving."

FOX 5 reached out to Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Robb Dooling who represents part of the corridor. He says combating crime is going to take an all hands on deck approach to get people to feel safe in the city.

In a statement to FOX 5 Dooling said:

"We partner to find our way into anywhere we can cut off the cycle of violence, and I am most hopeful about ONSE's focus on "People of Promise" where they already succeed in reaching many of the individuals most likely to commit crime."

"We have to do something to stop crime, whether it's changing laws or getting more police officers, something has to be done," Bastian said. "D.C businesses are hurting, not just the ones on H street all over the area."

Commissioner Dooling did add that D.C. police is making progress on arresting people committing crimes. He said they just arrested an individual who is responsible for many break-ins here in this corridor.