DC street performers nail viral Drake-inspired craze #DoTheShiggy challenge

"D.C. or nothing" was the tone set by local street performers who took on and nailed the internet's latest challenge!

In case you haven't seen, #DoTheShiggy is taking over feeds across all digital platforms. Inspired by Champagne Papi's track "In My Feelings," from his newly released album "Scorpion," social media influencer Shiggy dropped his dance interpretation of the song-- naturally the internet followed suit!

Music influencer and district native Malik Drummer took on the challenge with fellow street performers and finessed it with D.C. attitude! Which is no surprise that the video is going viral within the community.

In 48 hours, the video posted to Instagram, has garnered over 24,000 views and thousands of likes-- including recognition from celebs like DJ Quick Silva among others.

Keep on drumming fellas, you're making the District proud!