DC police officer accused of sex assault; explosive new details revealed

Explosive new details came out Tuesday about the D.C. police officer and pastor who is accused of sexually abusing two teenagers. It's a story you saw first Monday night on FOX 5.

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier released the following statement:

The allegations against off-duty officer Darrell Best are serious and disheartening. The fact that he used his position as a pastor and a counselor to gain access to his victims is extremely disturbing. Once MPD became aware of the allegations, we immediately conducted an investigation, obtained a warrant, and arrested him.

Darrell Best is a 25 year member of the Metropolitan Police Department currently assigned as a police officer to the Fourth District. He is 45 years of age and resides in Upper Marlboro, MD.

Best is charged with three counts of First Degree Sex Abuse of a Minor. The charge First Degree Sex Abuse of a Minor is due to what is defined in District law as the "significant relationship" he held with the victim in his role as a pastor and counselor.

As outlined in D.C. Official Code § 22–3001(10), a "significant relationship" includes: