DC cab driver recovering after being shot ‘repeatedly' in the face, police say

A D.C. taxi cab driver is recovering in the hospital after he was repeatedly shot in the face by a passenger, police say.

The incident occurred early Wednesday morning in Southeast after the pair argued, and the cabbie fought for his life.

The encounter with the gunman began at the Vienna Metro Station.

According to police, the cabbie's brothers say he dropped off an intoxicated passenger and immediately noticed a suspicious man lurking nearby.

Fearing that the suspicious man was about to rob the passenger he had just drooped off, the driver offered the man a ride.

The two then drove off to Southeast D.C. where they began arguing near the intersection of Pennsylvania and Branch.

That's when the passenger put a gun to the back of the cabbie's head.

"My brother lucky because we pray everybody in my community friends, family, brother sister everybody pray," said the victim's brother, Jahan Kahn.

The Kahn brothers say their younger brother Aurang was shot twice in the face, and then he played dead in hopes that the gunman would run away.

As he did, police say the gunman fired multiple rounds into the back of the cab.

Police found Aurang Kahn conscious, but bleeding profusely in his cab in the 3200 block of Park Drive Southeast.

The Kahn brothers say Aurang was doing the gunman a favor since his hack license does not allow him to pick up passengers in Virginia.

The brothers are now hoping that a surveillance camera may have captured an image of the gunman.

Doctors say their brother is very lucky.

Aurang Kahn has been supporting his wife and four children by driving a cab.

The brothers say he makes more money driving a cab than he could if he was driving an Uber or Lyft.

A source familiar with the situation says Kahn described the gunman as a black male with a beard, who was dressed all in black.