DC, Arlington mull technological solutions for scooters in restricted areas

WASHINGTON (FOX 5 DC) -- They are a popular way to get around for both locals and tourists – but keep in mind that there are several places in and around the National Mall and in Arlington where technology will restrict your scooter ride.

Scooters are a convenient way to move around and see D.C., but officials also don't want to see them left around the national parks and memorials. They are asking companies to use geofencing to either disable the rides or to charge a premium for parking in restricted zones.

The zones include federal lands and parks like Arlington National Cemetery, the Pentagon, several veteran and war memorials around the city, and national parks.

Depending on the brand of scooter, geofencing could be used to either shut off the scooter completely, slow it down to below a certain speed, or tack on additional charges.

Arlington County officials say this has also caused an issue of abandoned scooters piling up at the invisible borders to the restricted zones.

Electric scooter riding is also prohibited on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol, but just this week Congresswoman Eleanor Norton Holmes sent a letter to U.S. Capitol Police urging them to change the rule, citing the fact that they are widely used by staffers.

The Congresswoman suggested that the scooters should be used like motorized bikes, mopeds, and segways – which are allowed on the grounds.

Arlington County is looking for community feedback on the scooter geofencing on Federal lands – which you can submit by going to their website. The cutoff is Sunday.

They plan to present the findings and concerns to the board this fall.