Correcting Bad Behavior: What to do if your toddler is swearing

Cursing kids can be a real problem!

But how do you break the bad habit, especially when the child doesn't even know what he or she is saying?

Dana Spencer, parent educator at Parent Encouragement Program (PEP) in Kensington, Md., joined us with some tips you can use to break your toddler from saying bad words.

One tip is to replace the bad word with another word. The more attention you give the bad word - the more it will be used. Try to replace that word with a fun word which will give the child the attention they are looking for through a more positive avenue.

Teaching boundary lines also helps, Spencer said. Preschoolers, as they begin to head off to school for the first time, are learning where parents end and where they begin. Let the child know that with bad behavior come consequences.

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