Coronavirus Outbreak: Tips on how to disinfect your workplace, home

People are taking extra safety precautions as coronavirus fears continue to grow across the globe. 

The CDC and infectious disease specialists don't recommend face masks if you're healthy unless you are working with or caring for sick people, but health experts agree there are some basic steps that can help reduce your risk and protect some others from contracting the virus. 

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On Tuesday morning, FOX 5's Steve Chenevey was down in the newsroom getting some pretty good advice from Steve Turner with Status Building Solutions, which is based in Maryland.

Turner says he's been getting more calls lately since the outbreak started and he shared tips on what FOX 5 viewers can do while at work or at home to prevent the transfer of viruses and colds.

Top 5 tips to disinfect your office/home

• One-way wipe down
• Tech disinfect
• Hand-washing warnings
• Color-coded cleaning
• Smart spraying

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Turner says if you're wiping, it's important to wipe in one direction in order to prevent the movement of germs and bacteria. Also, remember to wipe surfaces down before spraying Lysol, otherwise, you're spraying the disinfectant on top of debris. 

Be aware of all of the things you're touching throughout the day and remember to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds each time! You can also purchase spray disinfectant that can be sprayed on your hands. 

Turner says the color-coding system is done to prevent cross-contamination while cleaning. 

He also says an electrostatic device allows cleaners to dispense a positively-charged fine mist that attracts everything around it that is negatively charged, allowing the device to disinfect areas one normally can't get to.